Our fleet is expertly maintained and equipped with the latest and greatest that technology has to offer. Our drivers are highly skilled, experienced, and motivated while guided by a knowledgeable support staff. We have proximity to the nation's most important transportation arteries, and the ability to reach major markets in one day allowing us to deliver your cargo in prime condition, on time, every time.



Standing still isn't an option in the dynamic transportation industry. Over the eight decades that have elapsed since Nick Strimbu Sr. first hauled clay pipe out of New Philadelphia, Ohio. We've weathered the Great Depression, survived the rise and fall of the steel industry, adapted to the growth of the global economy, and evolved to become the regional leader in refrigerated trucking. Today, we offer a wide range of trucking services, the ability to deliver freight across the United States, and the expertise it takes to develop customized solutions for unique shipping needs.



You have freight, Nick Strimbu, Inc. has what it takes to move your shipment off the dock or out of the yard 24-7, 365 and deliver it quickly, safely, and affordably. We have a large well-maintained fleet featuring new Freightliner equipment; a vast array of trailers including flatbed, dry van, half-side, self-unloading and modern temperature-controlled computer-monitored refrigerated units. All of which is spearheaded by one of the region's largest and most highly-qualified team of drivers, an experienced dispatch and support staff, partnerships with carriers who meet our stringent standards, and most importantly, a vocabulary that doesn't include the word "impossible".



We understand the critical difference between value and price. Saving a few cents per mile by using a carrier willing to cut costs, and corners, doesn't mean much if your load is stuck on the side of the road behind a broken down rig or ends up in a landfill because a refrigeration unit failed. Nick Strimbu Inc.'s combination of highly competitive rates and unwavering commitment to exceptional customer service delivers outstanding value for your transportation dollars.



Like you, we have "skin" in the game. We’re a family-owned, asset-based carrier, not a freight broker. That means our ability to survive and thrive in our industry is on the line every time your cargo's loaded on a Nick Strimbu, Inc. rig. That's why we constantly invest in new equipment, driver training, and state-of-the-art technology and why you can count on Nick Strimbu, Inc. to be the reliable partner that exceeds your transportation needs.