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Feel free to reach out at one of the below options. If you need to get a hold of someone specific, use the form for who you’d like to reach below. If you’d like to read more about why we removed the extensions for employees click below.

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With the recent uptick in spam emails and calls due to the government shutdown, as well as other factors, we've decided to replace the email addresses and phone extensions with a form. We appreciate your understanding and will try our best to accomodate your contact requests.

3500 Parkway Road
Brookfield, OH 44403

1 (800) 446-8785


Our Family

Bill Strimbu 2.png

William J. Strimbu


Bill Sopher 2.png

Bill Sopher

Vice President of Operations



Spencer 2.png

Spencer Strimbu

Director of Finance & Risk Management

Cory 2.png

Cory Knowlton

Director of Operations & IT



Jordan 2.png

Jordan Mesmer

Director of Fleet Management


Jill Pisani

Assistant Safety Director



John 2.png

John Ulmer

Director of Safety


Thomas Banks

Driver Recruiter




Jason Cupan

Refrigerated Driver Manager

“The secret to success is the ability to set the hook when opportunity strikes”

Jennifer 2.png

Jennifer Danks

Refrigerated Driver Manager



Alex 2.png

Alex Baker

Flatbed Driver Manager

Paula 2.png

Paula Heasley

Flatbed Driver Manager



Ryan 2.png

Ryan Camerlengo

IT Technician

Tracey 2.png

Tracey Cashier

Customer Service Representative