Transport Services

Every time you ship freight, there’s two things to worry about. Of course there’s money but there’s something much more valuable; your business’ reputation.

Choosing the right company to move your cargo is more important than ever before. At a time when profit margins are razor thin, just-in-time inventory is the norm, and competitors are waiting to pounce on dissatisfied customers you need a shipper that you can depend on. There’s a reason why a steadily growing number of CEO’s, shipping managers, and logistics specialists across the Midwest and Atlantic Seaboard are choosing Nick Strimbu Inc.

So why do they choose us? That’s the question isn’t it? It’s because we're an asset-based, family-owned truckload carrier with "skin" in the game—just like them. In contrast to freight brokers who make money by moving paper across a desk, our success hinges on our ability to move freight around the country and deliver it in prime condition, on time, every time. That means we have as much at stake as our customers every time a load leaves a dock in one of our rigs.

That shared risk makes Nick Strimbu Inc. much more than a just another trucking company; it makes us a reliable partner customers can count on to meet their transportation needs load after load, mile after mile, year after year.


Here's how we deliver unmatched customer service every day:

+ World Class Trucks

Our growing fleet features 2018 and 2019 equipment from Freightliner, the J.D. Power award winning truck builder that has earned a global reputation for cutting-edge design, innovative engineering and fuel-efficient solutions. We’ve made the sizeable investment needed to acquire world-class equipment and outfit it with state-of-the-art safety and logistics technology because that’s what it takes to keep our trucks and your freight rolling down the highway.

+ Trailers to Meet Every Need

From cold-rolled steel to frozen food, lumber to propane, Nick Strimbu Inc. has the ability to trailer and transport a wide variety of freight.

Our equipment roster includes:

  • Refrigerated units featuring OrbCOMM temperature monitoring and GPS tracking technology
  • Flatbeds
  • Dry Vans
  • Half-sides
  • Conestogas
  • Single-drop trailers equipped with Palfinger cranes
  • Extendable for oversized loads

In addition to our extensive inventory of standard trailers, we have the experience and expertise needed to create customized solutions for unique shipping needs. If you have freight that other haulers can’t handle, call Nick Strimbu Inc. Our vocabulary doesn’t include the word “impossible.”

+ Maintenance that Keeps Everything Moving

The rough roads, constant driving, extreme distances and harsh weather take a toll on even the best equipment on the market. To help us meet the challenges that can grind a shipment to a halt, we have opened our own in house repair shop. Introducing Brookfield Truck & Trailer Repair. Their highly-trained, certified technicians perform the on-site preventative maintenance needed to ensure that our trucks leave our yard in road-ready condition.

+ The Best of Us Behind the Wheel

The best equipment in the world doesn’t count for much unless it’s driven by highly-skilled and motivated professionals who know what’s at stake every time they climb behind the wheel. That could mean hundreds of thousands of dollars as well as our company’s and our customer’s reputations.

Yes, like everyone in the trucking industry, we’re keenly aware that drivers who fit that description are hard to find. Unlike some, however, we haven’t dealt with the situation by lowering our standards and hiring anyone who shows up at our Terminal with a CDL. We did the opposite. We actually raised our standards then offered the type of compensation package and work environment that has enabled us to assemble one of the most experienced, talented, dedicated, and safety-conscious teams of drivers in the nation.

That means only qualified drivers drive for Nick Strimbu Inc. Those who understand that their most precious cargo is our customers’ reputation.

+ Top of their Field Dispatchers

Getting a load from Point A to Point B on time and on budget is an extremely complicated undertaking. Dispatching, routing, billing, and other types of back office blunders can cause delays that cost big bucks, damage freight, and bruise reputations. We know you can’t afford those kind of mistakes, that’s why we hold our dispatch and support staff to the same high standard as our drivers.

We’re proud to say that like our drivers, they deliver.

With an average of more than 22 years in the industry, our office staff combines their knowledge and experience with state-of-the-art technology to craft and implement the best possible solutions for our customers’ transportation needs. Their unrivaled ability to deal with the complexities that makes shipping goods in the 21st Century a serious challenge is a big reason why long-standing customers, as well as new ones, call on Nick Strimbu Inc. every day.

+ The Best Technologies Available

In the year 2019, technology is a core part of a business running smoothly and efficiently. We know that and you do too. That's why we outfit our company from the back end to the drivers individual trucks with the latest and greatest technology in the industry. Here's some of the technology we utilize to stay as cost-efficient, effective, safer, and responsive as possible.

Transportation Management Software from McLeod powers a wide range of critical functions such as:

  • Order entry
  • Dispatch
  • Billing and invoicing, including paperless billing
  • Payroll and financial reporting
  • Load tracking and status updates
  • Routing data
  • Load information
  • Brokering
  • Data organization and record keeping
  • Profitability and Lane Analysis

Our entire fleet is equipped with PeopleNet's PCT mobile fleet management and compliance hardware and software. These applications enable us to:

  • Track trucks and loads in real time
  • Create detailed reports on each vehicle’s location, speed, MPG, and other safety and maintenance-related data
  • Instantly relay critical information regarding change orders, fleet messages, weather conditions, traffic delays, and other alerts to our drivers
  • Meets compliance for electronic logging to track driver hours to ensure proper trip planning

We equip our fleet with the latest and greatest in GPS Navigation by rolling out the newly launched Garmin dēzl™ 780 LMT-S. Unlike other GPS Solutions, the dēzl™ only routes our drivers down approved routes based off of the loadout of the truck and load they're towing. Included Voice Commands make it so drivers don't need to be distracted to make a change in their route on the fly. As well as Real-Time Traffic and Weather to limit delivery delays to a minimum.

Hauling refrigerated cargo presents a distinctive set of requirements and challenges, including being able to provide iron-clad proof that a load never dropped below acceptable temperature. The OrbCOMM units loaded in our trailers provide minute-by-minute data customers can use to verify that a load remained at temperature during shipment. The system also issues an instant alert if temps vary from a customer-specified range. That’s extremely important and can save tens of thousands of dollars because it enables us to deal with the problem before loads thaw or spoil and have to be destroyed.

We're thoroughly committed to safety here at Nick Strimbu Inc. So we have installed Smartdrive Smart Recorder (SR4) in all our trucks. The SR4 is set of two camera that capture high definition video of the front and interior of a vehicle. The device begins recording when certain events occur including accidents, aggressive driving behavior (hard braking/hard acceleration), speeding, the triggering of the door open alarm, or a manual event. The device then stores the video/event, the vehicle’s GPS coordinates, and the date and time of the incident for later review. The device then stores a local copy into memory and immediately sends the video signal, as well as all telemetrics from the Vehicles ECM, over an LTE network to us for review. This can expedite processes such as accidents to limit driver downtime to a minimum as well as keeping everyone around us as safe as possible.

Here are some of the reasons we include them in our fleet:

  • They protect our drivers by providing conclusive evidence that they are not at fault in 98.7% of the incidents that occur
  • They provide feedback that enables our drivers to constantly upgrade and enhance their skills
  • They demonstrate that Nick Strimbu Inc. employs the most highly-qualified, safety-conscious professionals in the industry. Professionals our customers can count on to deliver their cargo on time, every time without incidents that can cause costly delays.

+ Location Means Everything

Location, location, location: the old cliché from the real estate world also applies to trucking. Where your shipper’s at can determine whether they can get your cargo where it needs to be when it needs to be there.

Nick Strimbu Inc. can.

Both our Brookfield and Dover Ohio terminals are perched within miles of some the nation’s main transportation arteries. And here’s a list of just a few of the things that are within a 600 mile radius, that’s equal to a one-day drive under normal circumstance and conditions, of our location:

  • 60% of all the U.S. effective buying income
  • 55% of all U.S. manufacturing
  • 50% of the U.S. population
  • 41% of all U.S. households
  • New York
  • Chicago
  • Philadelphia
  • Washington
  • Boston
  • Detroit
  • Baltimore
  • Pittsburgh
  • Cincinnati
  • Cleveland

Don’t worry if your destination isn’t on the list, we regularly run to the Carolinas, Florida, Texas and points in between. We may be a “regional” carrier, but our region’s getting bigger all the time.

One more thing: because most of the major east coast seaports fall within our service, all Nick Strimbu Inc. drivers hold Transportation Worker Identification Credential or TWIC cards that authorize them to enter secure maritime facilities unescorted. Instituted by Congress in the wake of 911 terrorist attacks, TWIC protects the nation’s ports and ships but it can be a real headache for trucking companies who haven’t bothered to acquire cards for all their drivers. When an uncredentialed driver arrives at an affected port they must park their rig and wait for a TWIC holder to take the load in. That can cost time and money.

Because we’re totally committed to customer service we obtain credentials for all our drivers and renew them as required. We won’t let red tape get in the way of on time delivery.

+ Value vs. Price? It's No Contest

We understand the critical difference between value and price. Saving a few cents per mile by using a carrier willing to cut costs doesn’t mean much if your load is stuck on the side of the road behind a broken down rig, ends up in a landfill after a refrigeration unit fails, is spilled all over the highway because an inexperienced or unsafe driver wrecked, or ends up in Poughkeepsie when it’s supposed to be in Pittsburgh because dispatch screwed up the paperwork.

At Nick Strimbu Inc. we’ve built a world-class company by investing in the best equipment, drivers, support staff, and technology in the business. Our investment combined with our unwavering commitment to customer service is your insurance policy against unnecessary delays that can devastate your bottom line and your reputation.

With so much riding on every load, call the trucking company that delivers outstanding value for every one of your transportation dollars, call Nick Strimbu, Inc.