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Our Mission

At our core, we are here to provide services to the Nick Strimbu Inc. fleet that will result in the lowest operating cost per mile possible, while maintaining safety and efficiency at all times.

What are we building? Through gradual, strategic growth, always reflecting on and checking ourselves against our core customer’s expectations, BTT will become an industry leader in commercial truck and trailer repairs.

Why it matters?

With NSI as our core customer, BTT is poised to hire the best talent, the best tooling, and have the best operating hours in our industry to the retail market. As BTT continues to invest in our people and our facility, the savings & benefits get passed onto NSI.

Best Practices:

Every truck and/or trailer that passes through a BTT facility will receive the following:

  1. Tire pressure check/adjust

  2. Tire tread irregularity wear visual inspection

  3. Fifthwheel grease (if trailer was disconnected)


BTT is dedicated to providing NSI the highest level of quality and efficiency 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This promise is not possible without written policies that are enforced at all times.

  1. Drivers are strictly prohibited from entering the shop floor without a BTT escort.

  2. Loitering in or around the entranceway, Parts or Service office is prohibited (Please use the Drivers Lounge)

  3. The shop entrance by the fuel island is the only approved entrance to the shop.

  4. All repairs and/or maintenance requests must be written up on a Driver Vehicle Inspection Report (DVIR) (verbal requests for repair will not be processed)

  5. All Truck Down Emergency repair requests are to have a DVIR written first, followed by a two-way radio call to the Lead Tech (radio located next to the DVIRs). (Truck Down Emergency: defects discovered during pre-trip that are DOT violations or effect the safety of the unit. Also roll through repairs such as lights and air leaks)

Owner Operator / Lease Purchase Labor Rates: $80/hr


Contact Us:

Brookfield Truck & Trailer Repair

6AM-6PM, Normal Business Hours

6PM-6AM, After Hours Emergency Calls Only


John Gato

Director of operations

Shop complaints - Critical Emergencies