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Our Mission

The trucking industry's changed a lot since my grandfather climbed behind the wheel of a 1924 GMC truck and hauled his first load of clay pipe out of New Philadelphia, Ohio in 1926. The company he founded, and that three generations of my family has operated, has evolved right along with it. We've had to, or we wouldn't still be here after 87 years.

During that time we survived the Great Depression, hauled the steel used to make the planes, tanks, and trucks that helped the Greatest Generation win World War II, rode the post-war economic boom and rode out the collapse of the steel industry that forced many of the companies we competed with over the years to close their doors. Today, we've emerged as one of the nation's strongest, most reliable regional truckload carriers capable of delivering an incredible variety of freight to markets that serve more than half of America's population in 24 hours or less.

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The Strimbu Difference

How did we do it? How did we survive when so many other haulers fell by the wayside? The answer's really quite simple: Nick Strimbu, Inc. isn't just in the trucking business. We don't just deliver freight, we deliver customer service and we're better at it than anyone else. That's the standard my grandfather set when he said the words that have become our guiding principle: "Our customers' reputation is our most precious cargo."

"Our customers' reputation is our most precious cargo."

— Nick Strimbu Sr., Nick Strimbu Inc. Founder


Why does that matter? Because getting freight from Point A to Point B as cheaply as possible isn't what trucking's about in today's intensely competitive global economy. With so much riding on every load you can't afford to have freight sit on a dock, become stranded on the side of the road, or spoil because the carrier you hired doesn't have the equipment, the capacity, or the expertise needed to move it. When those things happen the few cents per mile saved by hiring a low-cost carrier can turn into tens of thousands of dollars in profit-killing losses that can put your business at risk.

At Nick Strimbu, Inc. we strengthen your bottom line by constantly investing in new trucks and trailers equipped with state-of-the-art technology, employing only highly-skilled and motivated professional drivers, and providing them with the dispatch and logistical support they need to deliver unparalleled value and unmatched customer service. My grandfather would expect, we will accept, and you will receive nothing less.

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